Talmidim: How to Disciple Anyone in Anything

Jesus not only commanded discipleship, He modeled it for us. Why then do so many struggle to disciple others effectively? Is it because we ourselves have never been properly discipled? Leading an organization that disciples thousands of people each year, author Paul Clayton Gibbs helps us fundamentally rethink the process of discipleship with a fresh understanding of what Jesus really had in mind […] Learn More.

Haverim: How to Study Anything with Anyone

Jesus’s style of teaching was fundamentally different from contemporary Christian Bible study. Yet, the means by which Jesus understood and unpacked the scriptures are completely relevant today, and His rabbinical style of communication, comprised of four levels, is essential for engaging believers and non-believers alike. Learn More.

Because You're Loved

Show the Faith. Share the Faith. Bring the Faith. This simple guide equips groups of believers with the tools to become a catalyst of transformation in their community. Because You’re Loved is a series of three programmes designed to introduce people of all ages to Jesus […] Learn More.

The King’s Invitation

Many are invited, but few actually go. Follow the travels of a boy on his journey to see the King. Along the way, he meets others who have plenty of excuses not to go with him. Instead, they load him down with well-meaning gifts and advice. It’s a lot to carry! Will he make it to the Royal City? Or will he give up? Learn More.

Kingdom Pioneering

Do we give up on our dreams because we think things are going wrong, when they are actually going right? In Kingdom Pioneering, author Paul Clayton Gibbs explains how to know if your vision is from God, presents the four stages it will go through, and gives advice to navigate their dangers. Learn More

Kingdom Principles

Can misunderstanding what is in God’s heart cause you to be less than you can be? In Kingdom Principles, author Paul Clayton Gibbs encourages you to fight for the heart of your King and presents six ways to reshape your values in order to gain the mind of Christ. Learn More.

Kingdom Patterns

In Kingdom Patterns, author Paul Clayton Gibbs presents five diagrams to help you understand where God is leading you and what will happen next. Plus he offers you an alternative question to ask God. After all, a better question leads to a better answer. Learn More.

The Power of Hope in Mourning

Do you feel overwhelmed by grief? Hope Catalyst Karen Sebastian demonstrates how the very pain that threatens to destroy you can push you into the presence of God where hope and healing await. She offers practical guidelines and spiritual wisdom that will keep you moving forward and allow you to face each day with joy and strength. Learn More.

The Power of Hope for Prodigals

Has your loved one lost the way? If your child has taken a prodigal path, you need the transforming power of hope. Candidly sharing from her personal journey with a daughter whose life took an alarming detour, ”The Hope Lady” Karen Sebastian offers refreshing Biblical perspectives, which will help you receive and impart God’s gift of hope. Learn More.

The Power of Hope for Caregivers

Caring for the needs of a dependent loved one can be a long, sometimes frightening task—like rafting through deep canyons filled with treacherous whitewater rapids. Serving as a compassionate and seasoned guide, author Karen Sebastian equips you with hope to help you discover practical ways to empower your loved one with honor and dignity. Coming Soon.

Children’s Books


The King's Invitation

by Katie Hopmann

Details abound in this thoughtfully designed and beautifully illustrated picture book by author-illustrator Katie Hopmann. Teeming with symbols and concepts, this touching allegory will prompt new discussion points each time it’s read, making it sure to become a family favorite. Available in hardcover. Paperback and e-book coming soon.